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Replacement Trampoline Safety Enclosure Net



Replacement Trampoline Safety Enclosure Net

Replacement Trampoline Safety Enclosure Net

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Item Description

Taking into account the different sizes of trampolines, we provide you with12FT 14FT, 15FT and 16FT trampoline nets and you can choose according to your needs.


Made of PE material, our enclosure safety net is sun-resistant and corrosion-resistant so that it can be used for a long time. You can surround your trampoline with this net to prevent your family from falling out while playing. Meanwhile, the built-in zipper makes it easy for you to come in and come out. With this safety fence, you and your family can have fun jumping on the trampoline safely.


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  • Premium and durable PE material ensure the long service life
  • Surround the trampoline to protect users from falling out
  • The breathable and visible net makes it easy for you to observe interior condition
  • Weather-resistant materials make it perfect to adapt to the weather outdoors
  • Easy to open and close the net with the built-in zipper and buckle
  • Provide a spacious and safe jumping area for you and your family
  • Effortless to assemble without any other tools
  • Foldable and lightweight design for easy carrying and storage
  • Color: Black
  • Material: PE
  • Net weight: 5.5/6 lbs
  • Product height: 6.6 FT
  • Effective height: 5.9 FT
  • Zipper length: 3.6'


  • Safety Guarantee & Unobstructed Sight: The trampoline enclosure net can serve as an excellent safety barrier, which means it has the ability to protect trampoline players from falling to the ground. In addition, the net won't block the sight of the parents, so that they can pay real-time attention to their children on the trampoline.
  • Durable & Weather-resistant Material: We use high-quality PE fabric that can ensure long service life and great durability. In addition, we have carefully added the weather-resistant coating to the external enclosure net, so as to protect it from aging and corrosion.
  • Dual Closure System: There are dual closure entries, including a zipper and a buckle. Specifically speaking, they are convenient for those who stay inside and outside the trampoline to zip up and down. And the buckle is a supplement to the zipper to protect the safety of users on the trampoline.
  • Easy Storage & Light Weight: We designed the portable enclosure net to be foldable, which means you can quickly fold it into a compact size and then store it in an ideal corner. Besides, the lightweight makes the trampoline net easier to disassemble and move.
  • Easy Installation & Cleaning Process: With all needed accessories, you can easily complete the assembly of this trampoline enclosure net. It is extremely easy and will not take you too much time and energy. Besides, the replacement net can be cleaned by flushing with water.
  • 1 x Enclosure net
  • 16 x Plastic buckle
  • 8 x PE cover
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