Bed-wetting Alarm for Kids/Adults

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Bed-wetting can be frustrating for our children.  Multiple bed-wetting solutions exist including synthetic medication and expensive diaper costs.  Other alarms are clunky, frustrating for a child to operate, and scream that the child struggles with wetting the bed.

What if there was a bed-wetting solution so effective, it used clinically proven methodology and had over 100,000+ success stories to back it up?  Just imagine your child's climbing confidence and fewer interrupted nights.

  • Clinically Proven

  • 100,000+ success stories

  • Fewer interrupted nights



The breakthrough MoDoKing bed wetting alarm sets the standard as the leader of bed wetting alarms.  Now available in our latest Gen. 2 version.  We took everything that made the original a bestseller and made it even better.

1. Updated, unique circuitry is smart enough to prevent accidents when other alarms can simply fail.

2. We completely re-imagined the all-new case that is beautifully crafted from medical grade plastic for a premium, solid construction to ensure maximum reliability. 

3. The moisture sensor clip is now 3X stronger to withstand even the most restless of sleepers.  

4. Quite simply, this is the best MoDoKing bed-wetting alarm to quickly and reliably end bed-wetting.



New Design

1. Exciting to wear - innovative, sports-band inspired design is exciting for the child to wear

2. Sensationally small - smallest bed-wetting alarm on the market promising our child a better night's rest

3. Inconspicuous design - discreet design can easily be hidden under clothing, helping our child avoid embarrassment

Highly Effective

1. Over 96% effective in curing bed-wetting in a child

2. 100,000+ successful result

3. Doctors recommended treatment

4. Complete cure - no additional purchases necessary

5. Boost confidence, increase self esteem

Rapid Cure Time

1. Stop bedwetting in weeks, some children have stopped wetting in days

2. Quick urine detection = less mess = dry beds

Cost Savings

1. Save over $500 per year on laundry and diapers

2. No more medications or doctor visits necessary

3. No diapers needed and reduce your laundry load

4. Nothing more to buy.....ever!


1. CE & ROHS certified, manufactured to the highest quality standards

2. No lead mercury, non-corrosive

3. Modern sensor with soft round edges

4. No skin rash or skin irritation

5. No side effects, environmentally friendly


How It Works




1. The child gets the bed-wetting alarm and wears it to bed as directed.  When the bed-wetting alarm sounds, the parent goes to the child's room, wakes the child and walks him or her to the bathroom to finish urinating.

2. The parent does this every time the bed-wetting alarm sounds, for approximately six weeks; after this, the child is expected to start to wake on his or her own, without any parent involvement.

3. Within 12 weeks, the child should be conditioned to wake up on his/her own to empty the bladder, without needing to use the bed-wetting alarm.