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Laser Tag Guns And Vests LED Target Armor Set

Laser Tag Guns And Vests LED Target Armor Set

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Item Description

This is a set of 4 infrared laser guns and vests, providing a realistic styling with some innovative features for your children.


This laser tag set has two modes of design that allows players to have a fierce battle or enjoy 12 scores shooting joy. Lights, sound, vibration, 4 teams together, enjoy realistic feelings on the holidays or snowy days. This laser tag set will help your kid enhance the relationship with his friends.


If you are looking for laser guns and vests like this, don't hesitate to buy one set!


  • Infrared laser guns matching vests, making your kids cool
  • Premium quality guarantee, ensuring you receive a complete & functional set
  • Lights, vibration and sound, infrared technology are all in one blaster
  • Pistols and vests have separate life lights, indicating how many lives you left for each battle
  • 130 ft shooting range, 4 different types of ammunition
  • Two modes, battle for victory against other players
  • Ergonomically designed guns with solid grips, easy to handle
  • Best gift for your children and their friends on birthday or Christmas
  • Guns: Blue, orange, white, green
  • Vests: Blue, orange, gray, green
  • Main material: Plastic
  • Each vest dimension: 5.5" x 4" x1.5" (L x W x H)
  • Each gun dimension: 11.5" x 7" x 2" (L x W x H)
  • Net weight of one vest: 0.3 lbs
  • Net weight of one gun: 17.5 lbs
  • Suitable for kids: Over 6 years old
  • Color: Blue, orange, white, green


  • Multi-player and Ample Fun: Play this laser gun set as long and whenever you want. The laser gun can shoot as far as 130 ft. Guns match with vests perfectly along with lights, vibration and sound, infrared technology. 4 teams can play together and turn your home or backyard into a laser tag arena.
  • Ergonomic Design: The blasters are ergonomically designed with solid grips in your hands, easy to handle even for young kids and vests with adjustable buckles are suitable for children and adults. Just insert 6 batteries into the gun and the vest (1.5 V AA, not included) to enjoy endless fun.
  • Great Gift: This laser gun tag blasters and vests set is a wonderful present for your children's birthday or Christmas. Choose one set laser toy and your children will have cherished memories on holidays. Enhance your child's coordination and flexibility in play and joy.
  • Worry-Free Purchase: Each set is made under the highest manufacturing standard, which guarantees accurate coordination between guns and vests. We ensure these blasters and vests have passed quality control inspection.
  • Each gun uses 3 x AA batteries
  • Each vest uses 3 x AA batteries
  • 4 x Gun
  • 4 x Vest
  • 1 x Instruction
  • Each gun uses 3 x AA batteries
  • 4 x Gun

Item Reviews

So happy get it.

4 Nov 19
I have four children. I just have one shot. Four people are very happy. The quality is not bad. It is worth buying.

Fun toy gun

24 Oct 19
Four laser toy guns come in four different colors. Each gun uses three batteries to make a different sound and a flashing light. There is a button on the bottom of the butt that will sound the installation clip. The children are super happy and recommend it.

Great for kids of all ages

10 Sep 19
Fun, great for kids of all ages, family has a great time playing with them

Hours of fun!!

11 Jul 19
Gifted these to friends with 3 sons!!! They were a huge hit!

Good price

7 Jun 19
It was very fun for the kids for the price.

Kids love them

4 Jun 19
I had to return my first set because one of the laser guns didnt work. Luckily, it was an easy return process. The second set I got, I had the same issue with the orange gun as I did in my first set. I was able to get it to work with some creative battery installation. They work great and the kids love them

Decent product

3 May 19
It works

Laser tag for all ages and fun

28 Apr 19
This laser tag set is great, works wonderful. It came with four guns. It works for our family of four. We can have fours different party play at the same time. We have age range from 6 to 30 years play together. It’s fun. We been use those guns for over a month, it still works great. They are reasonably price, well made.


29 Mar 19
This was super cool my toddler loves this and was definitely a hit with a party as well

Super fun laser tag set

28 Mar 19
The cost on laser tag set is really a great deal a set of 4, easy to operate and my kids can do two groups for the game, great value.

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