Fidget Spinner - LED Light Up - Bluetooth Speaker - Mix Color

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These fidget spinners are the hottest trending toy as of today! Spinners were created to help those who have anxiety, ADHD, or autism. Fidget spinners
help to relieve those kinds of stress and help kids or adult by keeping them distracted. Spinners are made out of quality bearing in the center, which makes them spin faster and smoother. It's simple to use, just pinch the spinners in the middle with your fingers and spin it as fast as you can. Fidget spinners are simply fun to play with and it keeps the kids distracted! Connect to your spinner via bluetooth and it will play your music through the built-in speakers. In addition, spinners have built-in bright LED lights, so you can spin them i the dark!

Fidget spinners are the newest craze!
Created for those who have anxiety, ADHD, autism, but it can also be fun just to play with.
Made with quality bearing for smoother and longer spinning
Built-in bluetooth speakers, so you can grove while spinning. Also comes with bright LED!
These spinners are fun and also fits in your pocket, so you can carry it around almost everywhere.

Package Contents:
1 x Fidget Spinner LED Bluetooth Speaker (Black , Green, Red, Orange)

Recommended Age: 3+
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