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Building Toys 3 in 1 Military Block Bricks

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Building blocks toys make an awesomely special gift for military combat figurine lovers,and kid’s who enjoy in war games.there are over 290 pcs colorful set of freebex building blocks in different shapes and sizes,3 in 1 for each box, 5 in 1 for five boxs,it can be rebuilt to Fighters,tank,chariot,helicopter and Guided missile,In early childhood development assimilating new information, role playing, using small muscle groups and using senses (sight and touch) are all imperative elements in your child’s growth. The toy offers an exciting way to develop all of these vital life skills in a fun learning environment.  


Fold out the model to access the detailed interior 
--- Battle Brick Custom Set made with load of realistic bricks in different size and shape 
---seating for two minifigures including driver and gunner/commander (two mini-figure included) -Basic interior includes drivers position, steering wheel and shifter -roof designed to be removed for easier access to the interior 
The fun and exciting novelty toy stimulates you kid’s vivid imaginations,Kids can Makes an awesome party favor or the toy can be used to set up an exciting military party theme,They can have enjoyable hours of fun role playing (pretend play ) as a soldier 

This toy contain tiny parts,do not put into the mouth to advoid accidental swallowing 
Do not allow children under 3 years to play



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