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Kid-Krazy LLC welcomes you and we are glad you have joined us in our learning adventure!  Our mission is to provide a wide selection of high quality toys for development and children's educational toys. A learning toy can inspire great growth in our youth. 

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Our motto here is Play, Learn, Grow.  

Learning through play is the best way for children to learn.  There are many different ways a child learns.  A child may learn through observation, role play, pretend play, or using items such as projects and toys.  Each method of learning brings a new perspective and a new sense of the child's surroundings into account.  In order to optimize a child's learning experience, it is important to consider the age of the child and the child's preferred learning style.

 Active participation is also a leading factor in a child's learning.  If a child is participating in the activities going on around them, they will be more likely to take in the experience and enhance their learning.  A learning toy can often help to stimulate a child's mind and spark interest for the child to become involved with their own learning.  Learning can occur indoors or outdoors, however outdoor learning is especially important for a child's development.  Outdoor learning offers a child the chance to use their senses to see, smell, touch, and sometimes taste new things.  The outdoor time also allows a child to become acclimated to their surroundings.

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   Kid-Krazy is dedicated to offer toys for development and children's educational toys for your kids to play, learn, and grow with!  We offer toys for each developmental age group as well as many different categories.  With the various categories of toys offered, you are sure to find the toy that meets your child's learning style whether it be visual, aural, tactile, or others.  From babies to beyond, keep your child entertained while helping their mind grow and develop. To keep things simple, we also offer free shipping throughout the United States.  So take a peek and see what kind of treasures you can find!