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Gradeschooler Educational Toys (5-12years)

The learning never stops.  As kids become gradeschoolers, they continue to learn things they have already been learning, but with new focus areas added in.  Kids are now beginning to learn math skills, literacy, new physical skills, as well as social and emotional skills.  Reading and writing are very important during these years to help develop literacy.  New physcial skills range widely from learning how to hold a pencil to riding a bike to using tools to build things.  As with all other stages, kids at this age will learn the best with fun and play and thrive with a variety of toys and activities.  There are many important areas of learning at this age including: music; art; technology; sports; games; science; math; reading; outdoor experiences; and much more.  The more exposure a child has to these learning mechanisms, the more prepared the child will be for continued learning.