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How to Get Kids Involved with Cleaning up after the Holidays

How to Get Kids Involved with Cleaning up after the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful way to spend time with your family. However, what's not so wonderful is the cleanup that happens. Between taking down the decorations to tossing out Christmas trees to cleaning up after elaborate meals, it's enough to make you want to go into hiding, especially if you have kids. However, you need to get everyone involved for the best possible results. This is how to get kids involved with cleaning up after the holidays.

Make a Game Out of It

One secret to getting more out of life is to find enjoyment in places it doesn't normally exist. That's why making a game out of cleaning up after the holidays can make it way more enjoyable for you and your kids. For instance, you could have a game where you see which of your kids can put away the most ornaments. As long as no one is rushing in a way that's detrimental, these kinds of games can be great.

Give Your Kids Responsibilities

There are few things kids love as much as being made to feel like adults. By giving them specific responsibilities, you show that you have confidence in them, and these tasks won't feel like a chore to them. They'll embrace being able to take charge and make decisions.

Take Inventory of Items

You want to make sure you account for all the items that you're putting away for the next holiday season. All Storage Online recommends, “as you pack your decorations, it’s important to also inspect. If you find broken or unusable items, make a note of it and decide which items you’d like to replace for the next holiday season. You can then buy those replacements this year while they're all on sale as businesses try to clear out their shelves. You’ll be ahead of the game, and saving some money if you take care of this simple task now as opposed to saving it for later.” Children can help count items for storage to assist in your inventory system. They'll be grateful to know you're putting your faith in them.

Get It Done Soon

Molly Maid explains, “the more you put something off, the more difficult it is to find the motivation to do it. Rolling up your sleeves and just doing it is going to be better for everyone in the end. Once it’s finished you’ll feel better about your home and you will be better able to move onto the new year and new things to come!” While cleaning up after the holidays might seem like an impossible task, the trick is to fool your kids' brains. They might not be able to summon the energy for cleaning everything at once, but surely, they can do it for 10 minutes. And when that time is up, they'll likely be in a groove that allows them to keep working.

When you get kids involved with cleaning up after the holidays, everything can go so much more smoothly. You can also impart good habits on them that will hopefully last throughout the new year. By working together, you can make the end of the holiday season filled with absolute joy.