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What to Keep in Mind When Going on a Long Car Ride With Kids

What to Keep in Mind When Going on a Long Car Ride With Kids

Long car rides can lead to great adventures. Whether you’re going on a family road trip or simply getting away from home for the day, a long car ride means a much-needed change in scenery for many. If you’re taking kids on the road with you, this can add some challenges to the trip. If you don’t want to keep getting asked if you have arrived at your destination, here are some tips that you can keep in mind.

Stock Up on Snacks and Drinks

Kids will get fussy if they are starting to get hungry. You will slow your drive down if you have to stop for food every hour. Make sure that everyone has a good breakfast right before you leave. It’s a good idea to get the vehicle packed up, make something to eat and then you can get going after you clean up. Plan ahead, and bring some snacks and drinks that will keep everyone happy. Just make sure that you bring items that can be handed over to the kids with ease. You don’t want to have anything that is a choking hazard or is messy. Pretzels and small crackers are good options to bring. If you’re looking for some healthier options, string cheese and almonds are also some great choices. Juice boxes are a much easier beverage than something in an open container. Bring some garbage bags along with you. This will make quick work of any messes that you have after snack time.

Bring Plenty of Entertainment

Looking around at the scenery is something children might be happy doing for the first half-hour of a road trip — if you’re lucky. After that, they’re going to want activities that will keep them occupied and entertained. Some vehicles are equipped with DVD players. There are also portable units that you can purchase. Tablets, coloring books, novels, and travel games are all great options to keep everyone quiet. If you can plan part of your trip overnight, you will end up with kids that fall asleep in the car. This ensures that everyone is quiet. Just make sure you are trading driving duties with the driver. This will keep everyone fresh and alert.

Don’t Neglect Safety

Proper safety precautions should be followed so everyone stays safe while driving. Everyone should be buckled in their seats—not wandering around the vehicle. Younger children and infants should be placed in proper child safety seats until they are big enough to sit in a regular seat. Communicate to children what the expectations are regarding the trip and their behavior. Don’t forget about safety when everyone is getting out of the vehicle at a rest stop or busy parking lot.

Don’t worry too much about a long drive with your kids. While things might get a little loud and chaotic at times, this is a time where memories are being made. If you prepare adequately, you will have a good chance of keeping everyone happy for the drive.

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