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What Parents Should Know Before Their First Trip to Disney World

What Parents Should Know Before Their First Trip to Disney World

It's where football players say they are going to go after they win the big game. It's the place kids dream of going throughout childhood. It is a vacation like none other that requires a good deal of planning. Disney World is a destination that your loved ones will fondly remember visiting throughout their lives, and knowing what to expect before you actually get there can make it less stressful for you as parents.

How Much to Budget

Disney World is a magical kingdom of fun and adventure, so it is easy to feel like you are going to spend a small kingdom's fortune there. While there is not exactly an off-season when it comes to visiting Disney World, some times are a little less pricey than others. September and January tend to be the least busy months at Disney World and the least expensive times to visit. Generally speaking, though, setting up a budget prior to planning any other part of your trip to Disney World is the best way to ensure you do not overspend and do not give in to impulse buying once you get there. One easy way to save money is choosing where you stay. Rather than staying in a resort hotel, you can choose a less pricey nearby one or a nearby AirBnB. There is plenty of fun to be had on even the modest of budgets.

The Difference Between Disneyland and Disney World

They are similar in name but very different overall. You want to ensure that you know that Disney World and Disneyland are two very different places. The latter is located in California and is the original Disney park. Disney World, on the other hand, is expansive and offers a more resort-like feel with multiple parks and many hotels. Make sure that when you are planning your trip, you make sure you are planning it for Disney World in Florida and not the park in California. Depending on what you want to focus on, this can influence things like what kind of tickets you buy, how long you are there, and when you go to different parts of the resort.

How to Get Around

You should know that Florida is dangerous for pedestrians, so you will probably want some kind of vehicle. Fortunately, there are dozens of hotels and resorts near and around Disney World, and public transportation is both affordable and accessible. Furthermore, the Disney parks themselves are very pedestrian-friendly, so you should only need a car for getting to and from your hotel. Disney World offers transportation in between various parks which you should take advantage of, so you or your children don’t burn out early in the day.

Although it requires a great deal of planning, a vacation to Disney World is worth it. Your children will look back with such profound happiness, and you will as well. You will be glad you took the opportunity to experience this magical world.

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