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What Are Some Important Things to Be Aware of As My Child Starts Kindergarten?

What Are Some Important Things to Be Aware of As My Child Starts Kindergarten?

Summer has drawn to a close, and that could only mean one thing, children are soon going to be heading back to school, but for some, this may be the first time. Parents all across the country are preparing themselves for the stress, fear, and pride in taking their children to school for the first time. The following list entails some of the most important things to be aware of as your child enters kindergarten for the first time.

They’re Probably Going to Get Sick – A Lot

Kids are curious all by themselves, place them with twenty other children, and you'll no doubt have them getting dirtier than ever. In addition, for most children, this is the first time they will be around a large group of other kids. This will no doubt lead to a year of becoming constantly sick. Although this isn't anything to worry about as it is expected always make sure to counsel your doctor on this matter as every child will truly react differently to these changes.

Learning Disabilities Might Manifest

It can be difficult to differentiate between learning disabilities and areas of learning that may not come as naturally to a child, as they often have similar indicators. However, parents must still prepare themselves for the reality that they may be introduced to the fact that their child has a learning disability. When it comes to matters of learning abilities, patience is key. It may be that they simply don't understand this one section of the material rather than the entire concept. Although if you do find out that they have a learning disability patience is still key. It allows them to be confident in their ability and work towards fixing the issue through their own will power rather than from outside pressure.

Advocate for Your Child

Most people don't want to be that overly present and demanding parent, but when it comes to the overall safety of your child, this might be needed. Nobody understands your child better than yourself, and thus it is your responsibility to meet with teachers, staff, and counselors to go over a plan that keeps your child safe, and a line of communication opened between yourself and the school.


Understandably, parents are often riddled with worry and hope when it comes to their child's first year in school. However, by implementing the measures listed above, you'll no doubt craft yourself an incredible school year for you and your child.


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