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Trampoline Safety Tips That Every Parent Should Know

Trampoline Safety Tips That Every Parent Should Know

Parents often praise trampolines because these recreational devices encourage kids to go outside and have fun while exercising their bodies. However, with the enjoyment and benefits comes a series of safety issues that we must be taken into consideration. The following information contains some of the top safety tips that every parent should know before allowing their children on a trampoline.

Age Requirements

This safety tip is one that is often overlooked. Since a trampoline reacts in the same way for everyone who jumps on it, parents often feel that it's suitable for children of any age. The fact is that it's considerably more dangerous to have children of different age groups jumping at the same time. This age gap can lead to serious injuries for the younger kids.

Another tip to take into serious consideration is the age limit. Children younger than six years old should not be allowed on trampolines. This is because children under that age have not developed sufficient body awareness and strength to control the effects of a trampoline.

Adult Supervision

If you take only one thing from this discussion, it should be that adult supervision is required at all times. Following every precaution in the book is not going to totally eliminate the possibility of an injury. Therefore, it is highly recommended that an adult be present to supervise whenever children are playing on a trampoline.

Unfortunately, many adults believe that the inclusion of a safety net can prevent any spills and tumbles onto the ground. However, time and time again, this has proven to be false. Nets can prevent some accidents, but they are not foolproof, and they are no substitute for an attentive adult.

Establishing Ground Rules

When children see a new trampoline to jump on, the possibilities begin to race through their heads. To a child, a trampoline means jumping very high without the probability of getting hurt. They almost have a sense of invulnerability regarding trampolines. Thus, parents should first establish a set of ground rules for their children. This should include no pushing, no somersaults and no jumping on the edges.

Final Thoughts

Getting your first trampoline can be a whole lot of fun for the entire family, but we must always be cautious of the safety risks associated with it. If you simply adhere to the tips listed above, you should have a great time with your new trampoline.

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