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Kids learn through fun, make Learning Fun!

Kids learn through fun, make Learning Fun!

  Did you know that there are seven different recorded learning styles?  That's right, seven! Learning styles include: aural; physical; logical; social; solitary; verbal; and visual.  While some people learn with one style, others may learn with a different style, or maybe even a combination of multiple styles.

  As a mother of two and a pediatric nurse, I have seen many cases where children are struggling to learn.  Why, you ask?  It is because information is being given to the child in only one learning style, and that style may not work for that child.  For example, one child may be able to read information and learn it easily where another child may find that they need to sing it to learn it.  That's where Kid-Krazy begins.

  Welcome to Kid-Krazy where our motto is "play, learn, grow".  There are many different ways to learn, but the best way to learn is while having fun.  This is where Kid-Krazy comes in, we strive to make learning fun!  Looking below, you can see a short description of each learning style.

  • Aural: Sound is the key here, whether it be something read out loud or music, these toys teach using sounds.
  • Logical: This type of learning style uses logic and reasoning.  Puzzles and some games are great for logical learning as they require that logic and reasoning component.
  • Physical: Toys that help with the physical learning style are toys that require touch for play.  By using the body, children can learn using this style.
  • Social: Toys that encourage a group setting are geared towards social learning.  Children that learn socially learn better in a group of people.
  • Solitary: This learning style is centered around self-study and learning alone.  Activities that can be done by oneself are good for this learning style.
  • Verbal: This type of learning is different than aural as it is centered around actual words.  Toys that help children read or toys that talk to them help with this learning style.
  • Visual: Visual toys are designed for children who learn best by seeing or watching something.

     After seeing all of these different learning styles, you can see how different toys can benefit different kids in their own way.  Let our selections help you to find a new way to provide education to a child that works for them!  We offer many different toys for each type of learning and many may use more than one type of learning style.  You can search toys by learning styles here.

    If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, you can reach us on our Facebook Page Kid-Krazy, via messenger, or via email at

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