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Tips for Surviving Disneyland When You’re a Single Parent

Tips for Surviving Disneyland When You're a Single Parent

Disneyland is filled with memories that are just waiting to happen. If you’re a single parent, you shouldn’t let that hinder your desire to take your kids to this magical theme park. You simply have to follow a few tips to help you survive.

Look for Ways to Save Money

One aspect you may be concerned about is the cost of getting into the park. One way you can save money is by buying discounted tickets during special sale events or at certain discount ticket sites. Once you have the tickets, you can explore various hotels and inns to stay in nearby. Many that are located off-property can be substantially cheaper per night.

Write Out a Master Plan

It’s important to plan out your trip before you go. For example, think about the various rides at Disneyland so that you know which ones you will want to go on. If possible, get FastPasses for these rides in particular as soon as you get into the park. Some rides are more kid-friendly than others. If you don’t think a ride will go over well with your kids, such as the Haunted Mansion, leave it off of the list. Some rides may also have height limits. It’s best to know these ahead of time so that your kids don’t have a meltdown when you’re told that they cannot ride it.

You can do a bit more planning by deciding what foods you want to pack to bring into the park. The list of what is and isn’t allowed is constantly changing. However, you can view these guidelines online. Additionally, consider dressing your kids in matching bright colors so that it’s easy to spot them in the crowd if they wander.

Should You Get Help?

Depending on how many kids you have and their ages, you have to consider whether getting help makes sense. Start by asking friends or family members if they would be willing to go with you. If no one is available, you could look at finding a babysitter. This would give you an extra set of hands to keep track of everyone. It can also make it easier when it’s time to go to the restrooms. The con of bringing a babysitter is that you not only have to pay that person for his or her time, you also have to pay for an additional admission into the park.

Surviving Disneyland with a few kids in tow is entirely possible. Single parents visit the park every day. Planning ahead of time will help you to maintain your sanity.

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