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The Impact of outdoor Play on child Development

The Impact of outdoor Play on child Development


Outdoor Play is vital to a child's development

  Playing outdoors is vital to a child's development.  Just being outdoors introduces children to their surroundings.  In addition, the act of playing outdoors can lead to increased motor skills and fine motor skills, balance and coordination, and increased flexibility.  The act of exploring and discovering also increases a child's knowledge as it helps to satisfy a child's natural curiosity.  These skills are all developed while a child is also remaining physically active and getting exercise.  There are many ways to help your child learn outdoors.


   There are many options for outdoor toys for kids that help a child learn.  There are many different learning toys options for kids of all ages as well.  It is important to find a learning toy that aligns with the child's developmental age.  For example, a bubble wand or bubble toy would be a great toy for a toddler where a kite or a remote control helicopter would be more beneficial to an older child.  There are also options for children of all age groups like a water sprinkler or a kids swimming pool.  Each of these outdoor toys has the ability to teach the child something new through several different senses such as touch, smell, hearing, or possibly even tasting depending on the toy.  The learning that will occur will be doubled as the child will not only be learning about the toy and things the toy does, but will also be soaking in the knowledge of their outdoor surroundings.  This sensory and tactile stimulation will help to develop an interest in learning while entertaining the child for hours.  A learning toy for kids can be very helpful in fostering optimism for a child to learn.


   There are many ways for a child to explore outdoors, but sometimes, just having toys for development help to hold a child's interest.  Many toys that are available that are geared directly towards helping development.  These toys for development may include an outdoor game such as ring toss, something more advanced like a hover board, or anything in between.  Whether the toy is promoting physical development, mental development, social development or other development, it is a great way for a child to learn through play, which really is the best way. 


   There are so many toys to choose from, how will you know which one to choose?  There are a few things to consider, including the age of a child and the child's preferred learning style and interests.  At Kid-Krazy, we recognize the challenge of choosing the right educational toy.  This is why we offer collections based on ages as well as types.  We also have a blog to help you learn more about how to enhance the learning experience for your child.  Learn more and see all of our options by collection at

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