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Sports and Kids: What Parents Should Know

Sports and Kids: What Parents Should Know

The world of youth sports can be challenging to navigate if you have never been through it before. While there are numerous advantages to encouraging your child to participate in a sport, picking the right one is important. Here are three things that every parent should know about youth sport participation and how to make the most of it:

The Benefits

The many benefits of youth sport participation. The most obvious advantage is that kids who participate in athletics are likely to be in better physical shape than their sedentary counterparts, even into adulthood. Youth sports also provide structure and routine for children, a benefit that is especially important during the teen years when kids tend to get into more trouble. In addition, participation in youth sports teaches teamwork, discipline, and the value of hard work.

Picking the Right One

Before you pick a sport for your child, it is important to do some research. Please note that some sports are linked to long-term disabilities, so you should know the dangers associated with the chosen sport before your child starts. Engaging in proper safety practices will reduce the risk of injury and long-term damage. When choosing a sport, you should also consider your child's interests. Personality traits can also help to guide your selection. For example, kids who are social will likely enjoy team sports more while more introverted children might prefer individual sports.

Let the Child Own the Experience

While it may be tempting to want to live vicariously through your child, it is vitally important that you let your young athlete own their sports experience. This will teach your child the importance of dedication and intrinsic motivation. Inserting yourself into your child's athletic experience also has the potential of causing harm to the personal relationship that you share with your child. Instead of micromanaging your child's athletic development, it is important that you embrace your role as a spectator and cheerleader. This will allow your child to develop ownership over their athletic experience and their life.

As a parent, your approach to your child's athletic experience can have a vast impact on how much enjoyment and enrichment it brings to their life.  Keep their interests in mind while choosing a sport, and make sure it's one where they can enjoy themselves, but also stay safe. With the right attitude and preparation, you can make this an incredibly fulfilling experience for your child in many different ways.

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