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Six Skills to Learn with One Fun Toy!

Six Skills to Learn with One Fun Toy!

Are you on the hunt for the next fun education toy?  How about one that folds up and stores easily.  Oh, and did I mention it also teaches up to 6 different skills?  I am talking about the New Touch Play Keyboard Musical Music Singing Gym

This toy is all about education, just see the listed features!


  • Pleasing voice can stimulate the baby's hearing ability

  • The bright color can stimulate the baby's observation ability

  • Through the crawl can stimulate the baby's athletic ability

  • Through the picture can stimulate the baby's coordination skills of hand and foot

  • Through the music and the voice of the carpet can stimulate baby's ability of logic

  • Children can go to touch, also can use feet to kick up. Learn the baby can fondle admiringly certainly

Let the kids play, learn, and grow.  When they are done, roll up the keyboard and store away nicely!


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