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Prepare to Entertain the Kids this Summer!

Prepare to Entertain the Kids this Summer!

  With the seasons changing and warmer weather surely coming closer, it is time to think about spring and summer activities for the kids.  Whether it be playing in the yard, going camping, or going to other outings, be prepared to entertain the kids!  

  A great way to keep kids active in the summer months is to bring on the water.  Whether it be sprinklers, pools, or squirt guns, water encourages physical activity as well as learning while having fun.  And we can't forget about the inflatables!

Here are a few of our favorite water toys:

Inflatable kids pool

 Intex Inflatable Ocean Play Center Backyard Kiddie   Pool with Games

 $50 - Free Shipping    

 Between the inflatable tree, turtle, whale, built-in sprayer, and ring toss game, this is a sure win for keeping the kids cool while letting them enjoy the weather and learn while they play.  


Kids castle swim pool

 Intex Inflatable Fantasy Castle Swimming Pool   Center for Kids

 $40 - Free Shipping

 Let the kid's imagination run wild as they become the king or queen of the castle.  The castle even includes a lance and shield.  Attach a hose to make a cascade of water.  This castle even has a slide with a landing pad so the kids can splash on in.  


Children's sprinkler seal Fisher Price Toss N Spray Sprinkler and Beach Ball

 $62 - Free Shipping

 All you need to do is hook up the hose and let the fun begin.  Let the kids try to balance the ball on the nose of the seal and see who can get it to stay.  


  Even without water, kids can get some great physical activity in and burn off some of that excess energy.  There are many ways to entertain kids without the water as well.

Here are a few of our favorite non-water toys:

Kids bounce house Fisher Price Bouncetastic Inflatable Castle Bouncer   with Removable Mesh Walls

 $99 - Free Shipping

 Is it raining out?  No problem!  This one is so versatile it can be used indoors or outdoors.  It has a crawl through door for the kids and see through sides for the parents.  This bouncer is great for helping kids improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  In addition, it helps the children learn balance and social skills as they bounce.  


Kids ring toss game Electric Rotating Ring Toss Game with Lights and   Music

 $33.17 - Free Shipping

 Are you running out of room?  Don't let the fun stop!  This easily packed game will keep the kids busy for hours.  Make it a family game as each person tries to get the rings onto the moving target.  This is a great way to learn perception, judgement, and strength!  


Kids ball toss game Children's Ball Toss Game Set


$8.60 - Free Shipping


 Improve your child's hand-eye coordination while playing this interactive game.  Toss the ball back and forth and see who can catch it!  Awesome for trips where room is limited.  


   Are you going camping or on another outing?  Consider packing one of these great items to play with the kids during downtime.  They will learn as they play!   

4 in 1 board games 4 in 1 Chess Board Game Set

 $31.40 - Free Shipping

 Don't let the kids get bored.  Even if they need to be contained indoors for a bit, this will keep them entertained, thinking, and learning.  This is also a great family activity!  


Glow helicopter toy LED Light Up Flashing Dragonfly Glow Toy


 This one is a must have!  For entertainment after dark, this is the perfect solution.  It is very small but gives a great big impact.  The spiraling glow and flicker in the night is an amazing sight to see.  Even the adults are bound to like this one!  

Although we have highlighted some of our favorite toys for the season, there are a lot more options available.  Be sure to check them out here.


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