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Outdoor Learning Ideas for under $10!

Outdoor Learning Ideas for under $10!

     Kids are continuously learning about the world surrounding them and they learn best when they are having fun!  Now that the warmer weather has finally approached, take the learning to a whole new level.  Let the kids learn about the great outdoors while keeping them entertained and having fun.  If the kids are entertained, you are sure to get some relaxation time too!

     If your kids are interested in things that fly, here are some great ideas for playing outside with.  At a price you can afford, and a great packing size, these toys are great not only to use at home, but also for use when camping or traveling!  

    animal kite              rubber band airplane              rainbow triangle kite              flying balloon airplane

     If your kids prefer things that stay closer to the ground, here are some ideas for them too!  Play catch with a throw and catch game, throw a parachute up and watch it come down, bounce a huge wubble bubble around, or start a water balloon adventure with these quick fill balloons!

    wubble bubble              Parachute figure              quick fill water balloons            throw and catch game

     These are just a few cheap ideas for summer fun, there are lots more where these came from!  Check out all of the options and more at

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