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Is Pokémon Go Safe for Kids?

Is Pokémon Go Safe for Kids?

Starting in 2016, Pokémon Go took over the world with tens of millions of players ultimately downloading the game. In the popular smartphone game, players enter an augmented-reality-enhanced world in which they walk around, visiting Pokémon locations, collecting Pokémon characters and trying to level up. The game requires a smartphone and an internet connection. However, as with any game that involves phones and moving around, it is not without risk. As a result, every parent should be concerned about whether Pokémon Go is safe for their children.

Risks of Pokémon Go

When playing Pokémon Go, users tend to get completely absorbed in the game. Unfortunately, this has led to thousands of accidents and injuries caused by Pokémon Go. In fact, according to GBW Law, Pokémon Go could be responsible for 29,000 injuries and 145,000 accidents nationwide. This is because users pay more attention to the game than their surroundings, leading them to be less aware of potential hazards or individuals who wish to do them harm.

Additionally, Pokémon Go often (unintentionally) incentivizes its users to venture onto private property in order to collect Pokémon or other rewards. Indeed, this is why the game comes with an explicit warning: Be aware of your surroundings, and don't trespass on private property. This is a big enough challenge for adults, but for children, it is even more of a hazard. There have been numerous reports of thefts and assaults happening to unsuspecting children who were utterly immersed in the game.

Staying Safe With Pokémon Go

Fortunately, there are several recommendations on how to stay safe while playing Pokémon Go, according to Piper. First, users should always maintain situational awareness and never be so involved with the game that they lose track of their surroundings. Parents should make sure that their kids only play with adult supervision in order to keep them safe. Only venture onto a property where you have explicit permission. When you are actually attempting to catch a Pokémon, stop moving. This decreases your risk of getting into an accident.


Pokémon Go is an incredibly fun game and can be a great time for young kids. However, children aren’t adults, and they may not know how to stay safe when playing the game. Teach them these tips, and always ensure that they are playing with proper supervision. This will help ensure that they have a fun time while staying safe and minimizing risk.


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