How to help your Baby learn

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Babies learn from everything they see, but we can give more value to that learning process depending on the activities we choose to do with our babies. From the way we talk, the toys we give to them and the places we visit - all of these actions play an important role in their growth and their ability to become adults with balanced emotions.    

Your hands are very useful

Using your hands to show your child proper expressions and to help them learn language skills is very important. This is why games like Pat a cake and the Itsy Bitsy spider are recommended. There are other games that help them learn basic mathematical concepts, so just try to implement a good number of games that use nothing but your voice and your hands.

Take them outside often

Get that stroller and go on a nice little adventure with your child. A walk to the park or to the beach are great destinations. These tridimensional experiences are going to be essential for them. Your children will be entertained and excited because they are discovering many new things around them.

Buy educational toys

Start out with the traditional blocks and basic puzzles and then you can work your way up to more intricate toys. The idea is to make sure that your child is always active and that they are only resting when they are asleep.  Discover great educational toys at

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