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Back to School, but How to Get There? Pros and Cons of Different Methods

Back to School, but How to Get There? Pros and Cons of Different Methods

Summer is quickly coming to a close, and that can only mean one thing, kids are soon going back to school. Although this can be an exciting time for both kids and parents, the question always begs, how are they going to get to school this year? Understandably, parents want to make sure their kids get to school safe and on time. The following list entails some of the pros and cons of the various transportation methods for your children.

School Bus

The school bus is typically a reliable source of transportation for most parents. They don't have to worry that the bus will for some reason not show up or that it may change routes. However, parents who may be worried about their children's safety may not see this as the best route to take.

Although most bus drivers are excellent at their job, it is the everyday driver that poses the most danger. A lack of awareness on the children's part and the impatience of drivers can often cause serious accidents. Although these accidents are far and few between parents may not want to take the risk.


Bicycles can be a very good means of transportation for children. They are relatively cheap to purchase, maintain and secured with a simple bike lock. In addition, bicycles can offer kids the necessary exercise needed for their developing bodies. The real danger, however, comes when it comes time to cross a street. School zones are frequently the site of child bike accidents, in large part due to the high simultaneous prevalence of both children and drivers.


Neighbors who have kids usually work together to take turns taking the children to school. This allows everyone to arrive safely to their campus each morning with an adult that can witness them entering the school. It also provides parents additional time to properly gather their things in the morning and make it to work on time. The cons in this form of transportation come from the lack of reliability that your child will have a ride to school every single day.

The reality is that sometimes a parent who was scheduled to drive the kids a certain week may fall ill or need to take care of other personal matters. This will no doubt leave you scrambling to not only pick up your child but other parent's children as well.


Going back to school can be a great time for everyone, but it can also bring stressful situations. Being proactive and weighing the pros and cons is a great way to make an informative and effective decision regarding your child's transportation. Adhere to the suggestions above, and you and your child will no doubt have an incredible school year.

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