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4 Baby Safety Tips New Parents Often Overlook

4 Baby Safety Tips New Parents Often Overlook

When welcoming a new baby into your life, safety is bound to be at the forefront of your mind. Everyone wants their little ones to stay safe and happy, but it can be easy to overlook a few details while you scramble to keep track of everything. Read on for four baby safety tips that new parents often overlook.

Make Sure Your Furniture Is Up to Standard

While many hand-me-downs are bound to be treasured for their sentimental value, baby furniture is an area where you want to keep things current. Regulations on infant gear are changing all the time as new ways to improve upon the current safety measures are discovered, so the crib that you slept in as a baby is probably no longer up to standard. Items such as cribs, car seats and even some baby gates might have exhibited flaws that you’re unaware of, so opt for newer, up-to-date alternatives instead.

Beware of Tummy Time

Sessions spent on their tummies while awake and supervised can help infants build motor skills and strength so that they can become mobile. However, infants should never, ever be left unsupervised during tummy time or allowed to sleep on their bellies. Stomach sleeping can increase the risk of suffocation or SIDS. Even if you lay your baby down to sleep on their back, infant rollovers become more likely as they become more mobile, so check in periodically. This is why Fisher-Price recalled the Rock 'n Play sleeper. It sometimes facilitated infant rollovers.

Always Fasten Buckles

You might think it’s okay to briefly leave your baby unsecured in their carrier or stroller, but this should always be avoided. Not only does an unsecured infant run the risk of squirming or toppling their way out of their carrier, but they’re in danger of strangulation from loose straps as well. Always buckle your infant safely in place, no matter how brief the interval. You don’t want them getting caught or pinched.

Keep Beauty and Grooming Products Contained

Many people overlook the risks of leaving their cosmetics, lotions or hair products within an infant’s reach. You probably categorize these things very differently from household chemicals and cleaning supplies, but you still don’t want your little one to get into them since they can contain potentially harmful compounds. If infants ingest cosmetic or grooming supplies, they run the risk of getting sick. To prevent any mishaps, keep these materials safely out of reach.


Welcoming an infant into your life can be overwhelming at times, and many new parents overlook some safety details. Refer back to this list of four baby safety tips that frequently get overlooked to make sure your little one is kept safe.


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