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3 Fun Things to Build with Your Kids Using Common Household Items

3 Fun Things to Build with Your Kids Using Common Household Items

You might be surprised by some of the household things lying around your home. They can be used to create all sorts of fun and excitement with kids. All you need is an idea and a bit of creativity to make it come to life.

Blanket Fort

A blanket fort can be one of the most exciting things to create in the middle of a living room. You always want to make sure it faces a TV so that you can watch movies from inside of it. Of course, you can also sprinkle in some lights and do some reading from within the fort. There are countless tips for a blanket fort to ensure that it is as cozy as can be. Use a lightweight sheet for creating the fort so that it doesn’t sink down. Bring in pillows for the inside so that you have something extra comfortable to sit on. As for getting the height, you can build the fort around a few dining room chairs or even pin the sheets to the wall. Fort Magic suggests to find solid structure for blanket forts because nothing is sadder than a blanket fort that collapses.

Cardboard Car

Creating a soapbox car in the driveway may be a little too much work. However, a cardboard car can be created out of moving boxes, shoe boxes, and a few other household items that you can find. All Storage Online explains that smaller boxes can be relatively more sturdy than larger boxes, so they may work better for projects that need a bit more durability - otherwise, big ones can really come in handy as well, so choose your supplies to fit your needs.

You can cut out a windshield, create a door, and let the kids climb in. A paper dinner plate can be turned into a steering wheel. You can even hand them some markers to draw on the tires, the headlights, and more for a realistic look.

Bird Feeder/Bath

The Secret Yumiverse talks about how all sorts of DIY bird feeders can be created from items you would otherwise throw away. Soda bottles and gallon milk jugs can be transformed into different types of bird feeders and baths. With a bit of yarn, you can hang them onto a branch outside to attract the many birds in your neighborhood.

By keeping a few miscellaneous items that would otherwise be thrown away, you can be ready for any DIY craft project. With the power of imagination, you can create items that can keep kids entertained for hours on end.

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